We take PPC Marketing and Brand Management to heart. We know that it’s not just about getting your ads onto websites. It’s about constructing the right kind of ads that speak to your target audience. It’s about understanding the behaviour of your target audience, and the on-going industry changes that can impact your campaign’s performance.

If you’ve ever run a Google or Bing search, chances are you’ve come across PPC advertising. Nestled in at the top, side, and bottom of your search results are PPC ads. Many include catchy headlines and short snippets of text that will encourage you to click through to the relevant website offering these services.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a practice applied to websites that allows search engines to find and rank them easily. In essence, SEO is one of the primary tools you have to ensure your website is found when people are searching for services that relate to those you offer.

Social Media Management, quite simply, is managing your day to day social media presence. Social Media has revolutionized how we communicate, listen, engage and interact with one another.

PPC Marketing

PPC marketing is an ideal avenue to increase the exposure of a brand. The advantages of PPC marketing include:

  • Placement of ads across multiple websites.
  • Construction of target audiences to ensure the ads you are running are showing on pages that are relevant to your target market.
  • Retargeting to previous websites visitors to create more personalised advertising.
  • Brand recognition and development.
  • Promotion of special offers or limited edition sales. And much more!

Brand Management

In the digital age of today, everything is about branding. Many times, more users will come to your website as a result of your branding and your name, as opposed to searching for services you offer and then stumbling onto your website. Brand management is crucial to ensure your business maintains a solid online reputation and continues to attract additional business leads.


Despite the increasing sophistication of technology, search engines do not understand or “see” websites the same way that a human can. There are a number of reasons that SEO is important:

  • It helps people find your website.
  • It can drive additional leads and sales.
  • Good SEO can increase user’s trust in your website.
  • It is a cost effective marketing tool with the potential for a high return on investment (ROI).
  • It aids in building brand awareness.

How can I ensure my website is search engine optimised?

Effective SEO is more than just the content that you present on your site. It’s the intimate details of effective SEO that make it such an exciting field, and one that our team thrive on. Ensuring that your website is optimised for search engines can be achieved by following a few best-practice methods. The primary means of optimising websites include engaging content, positive user experiences, meta data, and website responsiveness. It’s the intimate details of effective SEO that make it such an exciting field, and one that our team thrive on.

Social Media Management

What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Managers will stay on top of your day to day social media, ensuring that any online interactions are dealt with in a timely and concise fashion. They will manage your incoming and outgoing interactions through the various social media channels, streamlining the entire process. Social Media managers will manage and monitor your presence across the various social media channels: blogs, forums,  social networks, and other online communication channels. 

How can Social Media benefit your business?

The advantages and benefits of social media extend far beyond the ability to share photos and statuses. It is an often untapped resource that provides insight into your existing customers, allows you to target audiences more effectively, and push additional traffic to your website. Additional benefits include:

  • Increase your brand awareness and reach.
  • Foster meaningful relationships with your customers.
  • Stay on top of your competitors and improve your market intelligence.
  • Learn more about your audience.

Why would your business need Social Media Management?

Monitoring your presence across Social Media can have a wide-reaching positive impact. Despite its importance, many businesses simply do not have the time and resources to devote towards daily management of their social media channels. Not only can this leave your customers feeling unattended to, it can alienate potential leads and stunt the growth of your brand.

Our passion in delivering superior digital marketing ensures that our clients’ needs and expectations are the driving factor behind the end product. Let us take your ideas and turn them into online reality.